Cultures worth exploring. Environments worth preserving. Adventures worth pursuing. Conversations worth sustaining.

The 2017 festival, "The New Normal," focuses on climate change.

“Climate change warrants more attention because it’s not just a story of our time, it’s really the only story of our time. What we do today will have an enormous impact on the future,” said festival director David Holbrooke. “When we thought about what our remarkable audience of explorers and adventurers, thinkers and doers really needs to understand better, we kept coming back to climate change.”

We are expanding our reach by partnering with local organizations which are natural partners of our mission.  More eyeballs!  More outreach!  Go to the website yourself to read about the new films. Tell us what you think!

Stay tuned for another great year of films!

Photo credit: KEVIN HARVEY

What is Mountainfilm on Tour? 

A festival of eco/adventure/saving-the-planet/holy-cow-I-can't-believe-they-did-that films!

What People Say About It:



“Completely transformative."

“I never knew . . . "

"I want to do something . . . take a trip, have an adventure, change the world . . . make a mark.”

“Now that I’ve experienced it . . . I get it."